Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tomorrow Gizmo is going to have a fun day

Well it's time for Gizmo's visit to the vet every month day, Switch he isn't to happy with he hates going but at the end he gets a bone that's the only part he likes, Then I'm going to take him to petco he loves going there cause sometimes he gets to meet new doggies and he also gets free treats from people for being so cute..
Well actually he puts his begging face on switch is so hard to say no to :P


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  2. Welcome to!!! Glad you followed, and as you can see, I followed your blog too. I hope you get more followers! there are many, many other corgi blogs that you can read and follow. You can check out a lot of interesting blogs on my blog, on the left side bar. On there, there is a long list(a corgi-long list) of blogs that I enjoy. I hope to see your future posts!

    Happy stubs!

  3. my Toby hates going to the vet, too :) At first, he'll get excited cos he thinks he's at the playground, but once he sees the doctors he gets all nervous and wants to run outside. Poor baby :)