Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well I just found out I'm gonna be with out my babay for 2 months

Well I'm gonna be moving to Denver Co this 30th and my husband and I can't find a house, But we did find this hotel that is like a apartment that we will be staying for 2 months, But the sad part is, I'm gonna have to leave Gizmo behind cause this place doesn't take pets, It's going to kill me being without Gizmo :(


  1. Ooh..so sad to read that! And what's Gizmo gonna do without you guys? Are you letting him stay with family? I bet he's gonna miss you like crazy!
    I hope you find a house for you and Gizmo soon! :)

  2. Yes I'm leaving Him behind with my mom in till we found a house, But Gizmo will be well taken care of cause my mom loves him to death so he is happy with that cause he is baby by my mom lol